Compared to their competition they are really undervalued. With the new employees, Levine and Benson could emphasize customer service, reducing the delivery time from 90 days to within 48 hours. As business owners, we marvel at how companies have impacted our lives like Apple , Microsoft , and even Hasbro. Cabletron Inc is a fun and exciting place to work that offered immense learning opportunities. Company Histories As consumers, we often take for granted all the hard work that goes into building a great company.

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When Cabletron’s engineers developed a box that not only controlled information input and output but allowed computer analysts to diagnose problems with connections into the network, both the product and the company were poised calbetron success.

Levine’s business was the only company supplying cable in less than 10, feet increments.

Same as the prior review that was provided for the other position I worked at Cabletron Systems. After Cabletron’s relocation, the two entrepreneurs quickly began to install networks in addition to selling cable and wire. InCabletron was moved from Levine’s garage to New Cabletdon in order to take advantage of a lower tax rate and less expensive labor force.

Want to know more about working here? To rate this item, click on a rating below. The most enjoyable part of the job was the comrodery. May they all rest in peace!

Cabletron Systems, Inc.

InCabletron introduced another innovative piece of equipment named a ‘smart hub,’ a highly sophisticated and extremely reliable management system for networks. Cabletron decided to enter the PC card market inand although it entered the marketplace disadvantaged by its small product line, the company soon emerged as the fastest growing manufacturer of PC cards. They are all gone – and will remain in the memories of the networking old-timers! This final merger systfms in Riverstone assets becoming redundant with Lucent products and technologies, causing Alcatel-Lucent to wind down Riverstone Networks operations.


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By developing high-density 10BASE-T modules 24 or 48 ports per slotCabletron was able to reduce the price per port of these hubs to a very affordable level, and by introducing a custom Element Management System known as Prism, made the MMAC-8 easy to maintain. News Analysis Light Reading. The newly named company began trading this morning on the NYSE.

ISO procedure documentation specialist, Compliance Engineering. As a result, shares of Cabltetron were officially converted into shares of Enterasys Networks Inc. Very abusive to employees, all legal in my case. Weintraub says that this is enough to sustain Enterasys as the company continues to expand its market share. systeks

This was a technology company that went out of business. Enterasys later merged with Cabletron Systems the holding company, though keeping the Enterasys name, before going public in To speed order processing, Levine hired ten part-time employees systeme splice and package cables.

Cabletron company and contact information

The typical day consisted of cold calling, coardinating presentations, quoting and leveraging both internal and external resources. Cabeltron the company has said that it plans to spin these off, too. Fun environment that offered many learning opportunities. Disappointed over the systeks of first year revenues, Levine and Benson were determined to make the company a much bigger success. Retrieved from ” https: The hardest part of the job was leaving to take a position with a new company.


If you found this interesting or useful, please use the links to the services below to share it with other readers. In the same year, Cabletron also became the world’s leader in international Ethernet hub shipments, with a First learned about robotic equipment, and programming.

By the end ofCabletron became the leader in the worldwide cabldtron hub market, capturing a market share of nearly 17 percent, while SynOptics’ market share fell to A ‘Token Ring’ is a type of network where computer workstations are provided access to the network by means of a token that passes from station to station in a ring.

GNTS employed more than people but was dissolved ina casualty of the dot-com collapse and subsequent contraction in demand for network services.