When the power is on, [Please wait The NV memory is nonvolatile memory that retains the settings of the printer even when its power is switched off. Printing on Non-standard Size Paper This section explains how to print on custom size paper such as long paper using the PCL print driver. Do not touch areas with labels indicating high voltage or temperature. Our printed mono text documents were crisp and accurate, though at smaller font sizes characters appeared dark grey instead of black.

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Adjusting The Image Transfer Voltage 7. Printing from a Computer This section outlines the basic procedure for sending print jobs from Windows applications. Paper Jams at the Duplex Unit Press the side button and open the front cover.

Click [OK] to close the [Printing Preferences] dialog box.

Selecting [On] requires the operator to enter the password. First, the printer creates the print images on the drum with electric charges.

Operations on the Control Panel Follow the procedure described below to print or delete a Sample Print job depending on its print result. Docuprintt and Restrictions Notes and Restrictions on Using the Printer This section provides the notes and rocuprint that apply to the printer.

If registering more than one user, click the [Back] button and repeat Steps 10 and Page Registering the Login Information on the Print Driver Computer Configure the following settings under the properties dialog box on your print driver.


Press the side button and open the front cover.

Print screen for displaying printer status and Menu screen for configuring settings. Changing the Accessory Configuration on the Print Driver If you are finished installing the additional memory in the printer, change the accessory configuration. If [On] is set, then you must enter the password to use the [Admin Menu]. Page 73 Recommended and Tested Paper The following paper and media are recommended or have been tested with the printer.

Setting StatusMessenger To use StatusMessenger, you must configure the network and e-mail environments of the printer.


Slowly remove the eight yellow ribbons projecting from the dockprint of the Drum Cartridge. There are two ports that support HTTP communication: Interface cables include, USB cable, which connects a printer with a computer, and Ethernet cable, which connects a printer with a network. The meter is divided according to the color modes. Penalties of fines or imprisonment may be imposed on those found guilty.

DocuPrint C2120 Drivers & Downloads

A protocol used when printing using HTTP. Adjusting the Color Registration When you first install the printer, or if you move it to another location, adjust the color registration. These speeds aren’t particularly fast but are adequate for the price.


Maintenance Mode Use this menu to initialize non-volatile memory Docupriintor to adjust the configurations for each type of paper. Electrical Safety Consult your local Fuji Once a month, switch off this product and Xerox representative to check if an outlet is check if grounded. Cleaning the CTD Sensor The warning marks stand for the followings: Changing The Settings Changing the Settings Basic Procedure To display a menu screen or to move up and down the menus, use the following buttons on the control panel.

Loading Paper In The Manual Feeder Slide the width guides until they rest docupprint against the edge of the print media stack.

Paper Type Product Name G. Doing so could damage the tray or the inside of the printer. Loading with one of the long edges of the paper.

A 10 Mbps Ethernet network that uses a baseband signal and twisted-pair cable. Panel Settings Panel Settings Specifies whether to limit menu operations prrinter a password to avoid changing the printer settings by accident.