Release all frustration built up during the fix period, 5. In the process of trying to figure out why the black ink wouldn’t work I wasted the ink in the other colors and had to replace all of them. HI i have the same problem. I am on my 2nd Epson All-in-one in a school setting. After I got my , I put the crap of a printer, the , in my garage and forgot about it.

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Thanks for everyones input. Or if the ink wasting routines are in the software, maybe someone epaon reverse engineer and rewrite the software. So how can it gunk up?!

Just for giggles I plug it into my laptop for one last check and guess what? I just missed the limited warranty by 4 days. Does it try to with paper coming out and all, just no imprint? A excellent chip reseter is available on Ebay for the CX and other models: Just tried getting through to Epson.

All I can say about this thing is thats its possessed! Now I understand the low price. I cut him off and asked to be elevated to the next level. I didn’t have any problems at all with customer service. I told her pint I already tried all of the troubleshooting procedures from the printer setup menu and the Epson website.

The reply was this is not a common problem that would indicate a design change was warranted. I have the CX now and eposn I haven’t had problems with the ink like with theI am now having problems with it grabbing the paper.


Epson Stylus CX4600 Won’t Print

Why do you think this worked? I think they should do a total recall of all CX since they have had so much trouble with them. I will call Epson again, any suggestions from those who had their replaced with a on what to say so they will offer the same to me?

I’ve seen the cleaning solution elsewhere, but the directions using it are daunting! Why is it that only epsons do this.

My Epson CX4600 prints blank pages

However, after I hung up, I googled the printer and discovered this great board. I’ll be getting another “new” CX only this time they want the other printer back so I had to give them epwon credit card number in case I don’t send it back. Thanks to everyone here for your assistance with the resolution s to the issues with the Yes Ulysse, Just make up a purchase date in the last year.

Since out of warranty by a few months they do look up your serial and can tell when it was purchased since I registered mine when I got it they are sending me a shipping label and at no cost to me will either repair or replace. I have had this printer about a year and a half, and have an ccx4600 imac.

Since it is eoson out of the one-year warranty period, Epson made some lame offers to compensate for their lemon product. I’m going to lrint to clean the Epson Cx so that I can use my newly replaced ink cartridges for the last time.


My Epson CX prints blank pages | FixYourOwnPrinter

Garbage I tell you. Why doesn’t Epson tell users what they believe to be the underlying problem and how those who are mechanically adept can fix it.

Why did she lie to me? I just called Epson and because my husband sent in the cards when we purchased it, they already knew it was out of warranty. An earlier Epson inkjet all in one worked fine for me for three years, and was still working when I gave it away after getting the I am about to call Epson myself for such a request having tried everything in this forum and elsewhere to alleveate the issue myself.

The XP “Small-in-One” printer turns in high scores for print quality, a versatile Finally today, after reading about all the other issues in this forum about this same printer, I called Epson. I think the is junk since I have the exhuast tube hanging off the back like I had read in these postings.