Home Computers Printers tzuaqdascusfwe. Epson Stylus Photo R reviews. Select None as the Test Print Pattern setting. Advanced MicroPiezo 6-color ink jet printing with DX5 technology. CDs and DVDs from different manufacturers may absorb ink differently, so you may need to adjust the density for each type of disc.

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You see the following window:. The Epson rollers are designed primarily to epsoj flexible paper, not plastic trays. Now we are moving toward to blu ray video but so far, we can not find ink jet printable blu ray dvd disk. A company called Verity Systems offered a 6 full sized disc printing solution but discontinued it a few years back.

Disc Printing and Labeling. Just save it as 4.

Enter your text and use the tabs to apply formatting and special effects, then click OK. I know it was several years ago, but did you ever figure out how to print CDs on your R with Photoshop? It was a wide format Epson printer with a epspn tray probably too expensive to mold the plastic for such a limited audienceand only did discs – the paper option was sacrificed.

Home Computers Printers tzuaqdascusfwe.

Printing on CDs and DVDs

Has anyone figured a way to print more than one disc at at time on the Epson R or any other direct to disc printer? Cdd the front tray up with both hands, then pull it out of the paper position lower notches. In the Text Settings window, type your text, then use any of the options in the window to format it. PL-2303 DRIVER

You see a screen like this: If you have already chosen a background, you see a different window. Expensive to make and sell, plus the aluminium plate caddy holding the six epxon was prone to getting bent – and was expensive due to it being laser cut.

Epson Stylus Photo R280 printer

Here are the barriers we came up against: Epson Stylus Photo R reviews. Select None as the Test Print Pattern setting. The results are very jagged lines – this may not matter – it depends on your image and your intended result, but for any serious graphics application it is unacceptable.

Even the auto-loading pro disc printing systems print one disc at a time. Hand feeding 20 discs is time consuming – printin to only visit the printer 10 times would be a money saver for them.

Be sure to place the front tray in the paper lower position when you’re done printing on CDs and DVDs. In order to print 2 discs on one tray, it would have to draw the extra-long tray completely through the back eppson the printer and start with the bottom disc first.

Not Specified by Printinv. You can also use options in the Color Settings and Object Settings windows. If anyone has a good source of blu ray ink jet printable, please let us know. That industry has to print handfuls discs for their income, but they rarely do a large enough run of discs to justify the expenditure of an automated solution.


Fast Printing Print borderless 4×6 photos printed in as fast as 11 seconds and better than lab quality in as fast as 32 seconds, or print Color and black text and graphics at an incredible 38 ppm.

Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. The built-in Auto Photo Correction feature automatically corrects the lighting in poorly exposed photos, and the advanced face detection system automatically distinguishes people from scenery to ensure beautiful, natural skin tones.

Epson Stylus Photo R printer, How to print labels on Epson Stylus Photo R printer

You see the following window: I am going to try and modify a tray for this printer. They are pricey, and only worth the cost if you are going to print a ton of the same disks.

Select None as the Print Confirmation Pattern setting. To select a background image, click Select Background.