Click Open to add the path for this file to the file path list. On the Validation tab, Unique value and Existing value are disabled. In the configuration dialog box, click Continue. You see a list of the external tables for that data source. See Specify Calculation dialog box for more information on setting up calculations. For Name , enter descriptive text to identify the data source.

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For Table nameenter a name obc list only that table. The field names appear in italics. If no driver appears for the data source you want to use, you can use a driver from a third-party vendor. Many drivers also offer options to customize how you access a data source, such as identifying a particular data source file.

Click OK to save your data source information.

Click Add to configure a driver for your data source. FileMaker does not use SQL set semantics on queries. Tip To identify whether a table in the relationships graph is a FileMaker table or from an ODBC data source, move the pointer over the arrow in the table header. Select a Odgc file to add odhc the path list. You can also enter file paths by typing them directly into the file path list.


FileMaker may execute one query for each related table on a layout. For example, if you will be accessing records from an Oracle database, you will configure an Oracle client driver. FileMaker Pro 14 Help. A User DSN is available only when you log in.

Likewise, if you import an ODBC table that contains timestamp data and you treat the timestamp field as a time field, the date portion must equal or January 1, for all records in the table.

For example, if the database accesses records from an Oracle database, you must configure an Oracle client driver. Follow the steps below for the type of data source you want to add.

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After you add a table to the relationships graph, FileMaker adds a layout with that table name to the Layout pop-up menu and the table is listed in the Tables tab. After you have configured the driver, you can access records in your data filemakker.

Need an ODBC for Filemaker 5

You filfmaker connect to:. Was this topic helpful? A System DSN data source name is available to all users who log in to your computer.

A User DSN is available only when you log in. Note FileMaker encrypts passwords.


Querying an ODBC data source from FileMaker Pro Advanced

Note If you want to include other types, deselect all the Filter by Type options. Otherwise, tables from all catalogs are listed. See Adding tables to the relationships graph. However, encryption on external data sources depends on whether encryption is supported by the ODBC driver.

Was this topic helpful? If the imported ODBC table contains timestamp data and you treat the timestamp field as a date field, the time portion must equal For Authenticationthe default option is Prompt user for user name and password.

You can apply conditional formatting to data from external fields. Users must enter a user name and password the first time they access the table. When a lookup is to related data in an ODBC data source, copy next lower value and copy next higher value are disabled.

For Nameenter descriptive text to identify the data source.