This output port has the following format:. This means that software e. If the interrupt cannot be verified in the number of trials specified in the value of this entry, the interrupt is ignored. This entry is used when the mouse driver interrupt service routine includes a reset. For additional information, please see: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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Overview of the AT-Controller. This entry is also used in calculating the size of the keyboard driver’s internal buffer in nonpaged memory pool.

The was a powerful microcontroller. The first problem is that like all polling it wastes a lot of CPU time for nothing. Once this is done, restart the computer and check the status.

It is assumed that users are familiar with the operating system they are using and mluse with making the suggested changes. To poll, wait until bit 0 of the Status Register becomes set, then read the received byte of data from IO Port 0x An example would be “svchost.

“8042” PS/2 Controller

Therefore, if you disable a Windows Driver, the piece of hardware that it was designed to work with may no longer work or have limited functionality. ;s/2 chipset specific May be “keyboard lock” more likely unused on modern systems. However, it’s easy enough to selectively remove steps from the following description.


This output port has the following format:. Below is a direct quote from the Microsoft engineer in that thread detailing the various jouse methods:. Whenever this translation is enabled and by default, it is there is no way to reverse it in software.

“” PS/2 Controller – OSDev Wiki

To work around this, when no data has been received from the device for some length of time e. Unplugging the device then reinserting the plug never worked, you always needed to reboot. This start type was first introduced in Windows Vista. For example, if you receive the byte 0xB5 from the controller, then you can’t know if the original data sent to the controller by the device was the byte 0xB5; or if it was the two bytes 0xF0, 0x33; or if it was the two bytes 0xF0, 0xB3.

PS/2 (i8042prt) driver

Don’t forget that we’ve left devices in a “scanning disabled” state. The correct way to do this is is with ACPI. A driver is a program, that when started, allows Windows to communicate with specific hardware or virtual devices that are installed on your computer.

It may be excessive for your purposes, and a more limited version of it may be more suitable. If the device doesn’t respond, then assume the device has been unplugged. Bit 0 corresponds to the “reset” line. Command bytes not listed in the table above should be treated as either “chipset specific” or “unknown” and shouldn’t be issued.


Guest 1 2. Check if output buffer is empty first. While you’ve got the Configuration Byte, test if bit 5 was set.

Examples of why this approach may not work well include:. If the interrupt cannot be verified in the number of trials specified in the value of this entry, the interrupt is ignored. Burgi 3, 9 25 If the number of trials specified in this entry is exceeded, Mousw stops polling.

I Keyboard and PS/2 Mouse Port Driver (iprt) Service Defaults in Windows XP

Set the Controller Configuration Byte 7. When software detects that a device was plugged in it can determine the type of device see above. This causes the driver package installed earlier to be deleted. In the uninstall dialog, make sure you select the kebyoard to delete the driver package from the system.