Plantronics’ first foray into the truly wireless headphone space targets those who are always on the go. It will not connect to sync your contact list or allow you to uses your pda or PC to dial number from your contact list. Verizon also now carries a larger selection of wireless products then any other carrier now with new products every month. Content on this site may not be copied or republished without formal permission. In a few cases, I may leave spammy comments but remove any URLs they contain.

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I tried one of the Jabra wired sets from the Verizon store. Great Choice of Carrier and phone.

I wanted a Bluetooth phone. My Jabra Pro set was failing at the plug, creating intermittent dropouts.

Using a v as a modem | NotebookReview

So modfm loose bluetooth sync, but the cable sync charges at the same time. The former usually features a light source and liquid crystals, while the latter is based on organic light-emitting diodes. Verizon allready has there High Speed Broad band Access which is one of the fastest, fully mobile wireless In Internet data solutions available to date. This feature-laden clamshell also sports dual color displays, a megapixel camera with flash, video messaging, and a TransFlash memory card slot.


However, if Verizon disabled the features through their “over-the-air” programming then it might be unavoidable. If anybody knows the way to do it or it’s part of Verizon Bluetooth restrictions?

Motorola V710

I now use the Mobile Web 2. Single camera Main camera: I am trying to make calls directs from by address book in my palm Tungsten T3 ussing bluetooth, but apparently it is not supported. The V is currently Verizon subscribers’ only choice for Bluetooth.

The bluetooth limitations aren’t that bad.

Verizon works everywhere I fly. My currentpastor previous employers are not responsible for what I write here, the comments left by others, or the photos I may share. And, yes, since July, my Verizon using friends keep repeating “Can you hear me modek in areas where I have clear calls. So far, I’m loving it.

Switched to Verizon and the Motorola V Phone (by Jeremy Zawodny)

The catch is, I can’t use bluetooth. Do you already have an account?

FYI, you can get iSync to work with the now over bluetooth and with Tiger. ZTE is looking to the Blade Max View, an inexpensive Android phone with a huge screen and a massive battery, to help it regain its place in the U.


Am I glad I passed them over. I bought this phone on the 13th to replace a failing LG model I’d been using for nearly two years. Games and video content typically take up the biggest amount of storage space. I went to a conference in Phoenix In addition to this the bluetooth issue my other complain would be the voice recorder.

I am very impressed with the ear piece. OK This is a preview. I’m wondering if there is any type of cable that I can use to connect the phone to laptop and use it as a modem. Now I not only don’t get the wireless sync with what I bought, but I have to pay for an additional cable in order to sync. Similar Threads – Using v modem. The things that I like. So now I can get internet almost anywhere I’m likely to go.