You could try one simple thing though, and by goddigedy why didn’t I come up with this any sooner aaaarg, its so simple and obvious. Virtually all affordable optical drives are PATA. Feb 1, at 8: I use some original one, 1. Again, why is that, since the drivers are installed? Mon Jun 01, 9:

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Unable to install Vista with AHCI on Asus p5B Deluxe

What could be causing this? Tue Jun 02, 7: If i can’t solve this issue i cannot see me upgrading which is a shame.

Ahhci you get then is the same standard mumbo jumbo: I haven’t tested burning CDs yet, but I guess it should go OK, it is using default drivers after all Wasn’t following so don’t know what sounded weird: No, ahcj an account now. I just wasn’t really sure if original v I emailed Asus, made topic upon topic about not having hotswap with AHCI and noone from Asus nor here knew the answer so my guess is you won’t find it here either, no correction its not a asuss its a certainty.

Also when you install windows with those RAID drivers write back caching is turned off by default because the intel matrix will enable write back cache for you, atleast it did that for me and performance is just perfect.


What should be a simple thing to explain now is asjs impossible. I’ll just try it like it is, if I have any problems I’ll take it from there.

P5B Deluxe and HD in AHCI mode | Motherboard Forums

I’ll probably have to run Memtest to check on that. This is really frustrating – i even tried loading RC1 build with the same problem. And its purely software thats causing this cuz when on Raid you can detect newly added SATA devices so go figure eh Thnx Asus support for never picking up the phone and never adressing or fixing issues when people have some serious issues. Wazoo’s solution is a little cheaper though since it doesn’t require an extra drive, while in my case scenario you won’t need an extra PCI controller you just put your main IDE burner as master delkxe the IDE cable and your secondary drive as slave on that same IDE cable make sure to place the jumper to slave on that particular drive.

Anybody got any ideas on this one.

Everything went just fine, I just hope bigger recordings go well too. Zitat von backora19 im Beitrag 1 I’d like to ask you a possibly easy question. Everything seems fine now. I’ve already started another thread with more detailed information and in the correct sub-forum about it, let’s see if someone can help me.


Spam Netiquette Form other This post contains unwanted Spam. The way I see it you’r looking at a new install cuz you’r mixing too much stuff and are probably applying the wrong settings in bios while doing it. It seems my first CD burn after install is just around the corner Mon Jun 01, 9: So, I went the easy way: The time now is Jan 3, Posts: Sat Jul 18, 1: Skill Memory Products G.

Thank you for the info. I’m just lost on this one Though, I’ll keep that information in mind when I build the array. The original WHQL variant should work for your system as well.

May 30, Posts: