Page 14 Windows device manager is opened. By registering two types of readable symbols in the GT10, the magic key can toggle to avoid reading the incorrect codes, while in multiple reading code mode. QR Code Tail position Setting If there is a match: Gt11q-hu , Gt11q-su , Gt10q-hu. You need to specify the folder where you have actually extracted the drivers. No “Start setting” or “End setting”

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This manual also for: Scan range Marker beam For data string verification, you specify the gg10q start position and the number of characters to be verified. Regardless of such setting, however, the indicator LED comes on when: The scanner may drop, creating injuries.

ETX, Transmission of the number of digits: Qr-coded Parameter Menu The “–” indicates that the scanner ignores the magic key functions assigned.

GT10Q (USB Model) Setting Up|Setup|Scanner|FAQ|support|automatic data capture|DENSO WAVE

Upon completion of the configuration, the screen shown at left automatically disappears. Chapter 4 Scanning Codes Chapter 4 Scanning Codes 1 Bring the reading window to a target code and press the trigger switch. Page 15 When configuring the COM port: Chapter 12 Parameters and Defaults The tables below list the parameters and their default values.


Page 43 Example Data read: Chapter 6 Scanning Control Two types of scanning controls are available–Trigger switch control and Software gt10w. Refer to Section 6. If there is a mismatch: Code 39 Code data read will be transmitted as is.

If any error occurs, this LED flashes in Reading window red. Page 4 Chapter 10 Communication Multi-line Barcode Scanning Multi-line barcode scanning The scanner can deenso up to 3 lines of bar codes in the readable area at any one time.


Add-on code data You can select whether or not to transmit a check digit. The OK setting uses the vibrator to indicate the following.

High standard of impact resistance due to a new stronger body and a design which incorporates impact rubber for added protection. Trigger switch operating modes Auto sensing Momentary Drop Test Standard High standard of impact resistance due to a new stronger body and a design which incorporates impact rubber for added protection. The indicator LED lights in blue when: Windows will automatically configure the scanner. Some of the control commands that the host computer issues are functionally equivalent to some parameters that can be set with the QR-coded parameter menu refer to Chapter Preparation for processing the data read by GT Use the configuration software to designate the detailed parameters such as scanner’s reading mode.



Align the center of the marker beam with that of the target code. Enter text from picture: Easily configure the GT10 to automatically format scanner output to meet legacy system requirements.

Marker beam The red marker beam semiconductor laser comes on to indicate the scanning area as a guide. Interleaved 2of5 The scanner transmits code data read, starting from the character following the start code to the one preceding the stop code.

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best densso experience on our website. Page 74 6 2D codes, mirror image and black-and-white inverted codes Items Parameters Defaults Refer to: