How many times did you burn yourself on the doorsill? Originally Posted by Policy Limits. Got caught in a rain storm once in it and it was not a fun experience imo. Fish bowl is now the driving feeling in just about anything after getting used to the viper! I’m hoping folks who consider these cars might happen upon this post and others and see another point of view from Owner’s on what they might expect from their ownership experience. If your highway has large bumps like some I encountered on I20 between Meridian and Vicksburg, all over Louisiana, and on Highway 79 in Texas , you will go airborn. It wanders and argues about low-speed steering changes and uneven lanes.

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Daily Driven Viper “Can a viper be used as a daily driver” I’d read lots of reviews, viperr articles and watched many YouTube vids regarding the Gen V Viper before I bought mine and came away with a few concerns regarding its appropriateness as a daily driver.

Fish bowl is now the driving feeling in just about anything after getting used to the viper! I found myself heading out into the desert a lot daiky it.

All Your Questions About Daily Driving A Dodge Viper, Answered. – Roadkill

How many speed bumps did you scrape on? It even sounds better!! Worst case, try it out and be careful. So how does it sound so far?


Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Now I see why they made these without Windows or as convertibles. Dogde has three mirrors. Of course, dealers want to sell cars. Driving is such a visceral experience for me. I knew the day was coming. Big trucks were a little dovge.

All Your Questions About Daily Driving A Dodge Viper, Answered.

This conversation would repeat itself throughout the day, requiring me to repeatedly assert my non-ownership of the black-with-red-striped Voodoo II packages Viper ACR, a one-of edition that loads every single option into the track-ready monster. With all the traffic in L. I wanted a Viper ACR in silver, preferably with black racing stripes. Originally Posted by Arizona Vipers. Originally Posted by ViperJon.

The biggest problem I have is not the driving of the car, but leaving it unattended for any period of time. My love for dodte Viper remained undimmed, and I was happy to get to win a few other people over to it.

Being short is actually a bummer.

I was surprised how many people think the Viper is a V-8 or a V Dail edited by swexlin; at Just drive it and have fun. I think it’d be a great place for other perspective Owner’s to get a feel for this machine we all love heck and maybe get some questions of thier own answered.

Don’t get what anyone complains about – it was comfortable the entire trip. That is my main issue with daily driving a Viper, or any “show” or “nice” or “weekend toy”.


The further down the line you sodge, the more complete the frames, body panels, and engine assemblies become, culminating in the snake pen at the end of the building where finished rides await the chance to put a smile on the faces of their new owners. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below.

A Week Of Daily Driving, Pie Pickup, And A Goodbye To Conner Assembly In A 2017 Viper ACR Voodoo II

WOW I was missing a whole other dimension of the car. Those long, curving roads stretched out all golden in front of this bright red hood, and it felt very free and glorious. But in my opinion it’s not noticeably rougher than any contemporary corvette I’ve been in. In which case one of the biggest things for me getting used to was the low rake of the windshield – and I did. Want the motor to be happy?

Close Login or Register Username. That said, long, open highways were awfully tempting.