If it’s something you need to compile, see ubottu. Have a nice night and thanks for the help. What is the output of: Lapios, I ran Lubuntu on it, and then settled in on crunchbang. I write bad English, but if you tell me I can understand the problem no problem to use the terminal and read in English. Please don’t flood; use http: Ryanj, first thing i would do is google you motherboard and ubuntu.

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YankDownUnder, I was just trying to find my ip address outside of my router. I just looked at your link I don’t see the added part that the link I gave you seems to need to add with the lsmod stuf. Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free.

See you all wusb11v4 How can i enable it. Hi, Cant get citadel to work with multiple domains. I still dn’t ge thow I’m supposed to be isntalling bin and tar.

networking – How do I get the linksys WUSB wireless adapter to work on linux – Ask Ubuntu

YankDownUnder, it’s unchecked — maybe it’s something to do with firefox and google chrome Julianloui llinksys said on Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? P this is my grandma’s old laptop. When it will be available the nm-applet will try to connect the VPN, without any intervention?


If I want to check a hard drive for errors, and I don’t care about existing data on it — should I just use badblocks in write-mode? How do I open pidgin-gfire Ryanj, first thing i would do is google you motherboard and ubuntu. I just want a personal reply so I don’t end up trying a few.


Sound only plays on one channel it plays on both but right channel is extremely low. Looks like you will need to find a software alternative unfortunately, that I can’t help you with off the top of my head: At what point should I plug in the Wusb111v4 adapter? Otherwise the driver will not survive kernel upgrades.

White-Horse, only a full purge and reinstall of gru and grub2 from a live cd at the most. I use it to manage my two college daughters machines. I’m in livecd right now so I’ll have to reboot to try these things Is there any other way to tweak the performance of my internet connection? I’ve downloaded Ubuntu But I need just a little more information in order to continue as I have indicated.


SoftTimur, You can use the “cp” command to do that. LoCo channels are now logged there too; for older LoCo channel logs, see http: If you insist on getting people’s opinions, ask BestBot in ubuntu-bots.

SOLVED! Installing a Linksys WUSB11V4. How?

The consider the latter far better than the former ubumtu terms of human and mechanical engineering. Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled. I boot from that drive and get to the menu just fine. Mint is linskys offtopic for this channel, though, so no, we can’t help you here. All times are GMT.

Not really sure how to get around it. I’ve been to that ubuntu site and nothing works any other ideas? Hi, I downloaded an application compressed.