I said his name, shook him, then said his name louder and louder until I jumped up, knocking my chair over, and the whole family burst into action. It isn’t “apparent” to most of my family because my immediate family simply refused to acknowledge until this year, and they shamed me into not telling our extended family. I’ve always been fascinated by the small details, such as that the rate of speed of the train entering the station was higher than normal and witnesses on the track saw the conductor with his hand on the switch, looking dead ahead. It is sometimes hard for those who are not susceptible to accept that tunnel environments where they are not uncomfortable can affect others, sometimes to dangerous levels. So on the Tube Stock mercury filled retarders were fitted. The plus pages of the inquest transcripts are however available for viewing at the London Metropolitan Archive.

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Before his shift began he had a miorgate of tea and shared his sugar with a colleague; he jokingly said to the colleague “Go easy on it, I shall want another cup when I come off duty”.

Very plausible, in fact easily the best explanation I have heard yet for the disaster. Anthony Bright November 1, at 9: But that includes the excuse merchants too.

Nigel Perry November 1, at I wonder at what Mr Harris may have said in his first statement. Why is the memorial in Finsbury Square which is in the borough of Islington and not closer to Moorgate station which is within the City of London?


Without being specific it would appear that flicker has been a definite issue in at least one tunnel system of so-called continuous lighting — and this would appear to be the belief of a number of drivers, confirmed by calculation in accordance with Standards. Epilepsy might be too narrow a cash — it was not specifically identified as the cause of the seizure experienced by one driver who has not had seizures either before or after the one event, but no longer drives the route.


My point is, that nothing would be gained by reopening the case. George February 25, at 2: The Moorgate Tube crash. That sounds a little like the fit that got my son’s diagnosis changed from “febrile convulsions” to epilepsy. Are you doing well these days? Moorgate is an interchange between the Underground network and suburban overground services.

The Moorgate Tube Crash Deconstructed | Doug’s Darkworld

You make a good point about how impulsive suicide can be. I wish you the very best and hope you find some peace in this world. Barry Jason October 10, at 7: If not they were then classified as trespassers any any amount of compensation would be greatly reduced. Some just get up during a family dinner and blow their brains out in the bathroom.

The 1975 Moorgate tube crash.

A passenger waiting to take the moorgahe journey stated that Newson appeared “to be staring straight ahead and to be somewhat larger moorgate life”. Sign me up to the mailing list Subscribe now for regular news, updates and priority booking for events.


The stock were very reliable trains. The Purley train crash, Seems like such a thing could have happened to the driver. They all wanted to stay and help the casualties they were with.

Work on removing the bodies and clearing the wreckage from the tunnel began after the last casualty had been removed. London Underground services into Moorgate on the Northern City Line had previously been scheduled to be replaced by British Rail services from Welwyn Garden City and Hertford; the accident did not change the plan.

I am the one writing the book on this and also secured a memorial to the victims.

To the point of passing out. That’s why this evidence is not conclusive. Journals [ edit ] Finch, Philip; Nancekiecill, David There were six members of staff involved in the unauthorized train changeover at Old Street station. Steve explains what gube next: We quickly began to get an idea of the size of the incident but we didn’t really know what to expect until we got to the platform.